Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yamapi and Jin still good friends (photo proof!)

Yamashita Tomohisa and Akanishi Jin at the Azabu Juban Festival (around 20-22Aug). So it seems that the gossip about the two of them not getting along was just some cheap trick to up circulation. Though I can recognise Yamapi, Jin sure doesn't look like, well, Jin. (I'm assuming he's the man in the white shirt) (Azashi)

Everyone, thanks for your input on the "Should I continue adding the label 'KAT-TUN' to news related to Jin" matter. I will continue to label any news involving Jin with the tag "KAT-TUN", since the majority of you have voted that way. Personally, that was my preference too, since I learnt about KAT-TUN and Jin together.

This should be the photos you are talking about, right? (Agazou)


  1. No. Pi and Jin wore matching Yukata xD The guy with white shirt is Joey Tee. Jin is the one with mask at the 2nd picture. More pictures from FLASH as well as another private pic with Joey already circulated since yesterday when u can clearly see Jin before he wore the mask.

  2. when i saw the pics yesterday i also thought the one in white is jin too, but there's another pic with jin wearing the black yukata and cap before he put on his mask lol

  3. Where can I find the pic of jin without the mask?

  4. Oops. Sorry, it's pretty impossible to tell who's under the mask. I thought it was Yamapi because of the yukata, but since they wore matching yukata~


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