Wednesday, September 1, 2010


how does the back hair of tamamori yuta look?

I've only ever seen him in Gokusen 3's SP and the Gokusen movie so I don't know much about him. And he probably had a special hairstyle for filming, but I think his hair was light brown during the movie? And the back part was long (some strands of hair were touching his shoulder. It was pretty layered and wispy. All this is from my memory, so it might not be so accurate. Haha, I don't think this helped much!

am i cute?

Weird question, but thanks for brightening up my Formspring! It's been dead for a long time now. :/

Please, people, ask me a question on Formspring! Use the widget at the sidebar or click here. :D Oh, I've also started uploading some clips onto YouTube, so you might want to see them here. But I don't know if I'll keep this up since the uploading time is really long and I'm not so sure if there are any copyright issues. (Well, I'm sure there are, but I don't know if I'll get caught) :p

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