Friday, September 3, 2010

Kudo Shizuka celebrates art prize win with hubby KimuTaku and their daughter(s)

Daily Sports reported that Kimura Takuya’s (37) wife Kudo Shizuka (40), spoke about how she and her family had celebrated her art prize win at a press conference for blue ribbon winners at the National Art Center in Tokyo yesterday.

It is the first time Kudo has won a blue ribbon prize for her art, which is being shown in the 95th Nika Exhibition.
The singer said she was overwhelmed she had been awarded a prize that had only been given to 25 art pieces out of the total 3007 which had been sent in for the exhibition. “It is a prize that has come after 15 years of working slowly so I’m very happy,” she said.
Kudo said her husband and their daughter were equally excited about the win. “They both said ‘That’s amazing!’. They said it was a big occasion so we went out to eat yakiniku,” she said.
Kudo’s piece, titled “瞳の奥 (Hitomi no Oku)” portrays a girl and butterflies intertwined together in color. She said it had taken one year to finish. “I wanted to make the face more exotic, but as I went into doing the finishing touches it turned into a younger girl."
“She looks like (my) daughter I guess,” she commented.
It is the 15th time Kudo has had her art accepted into the exhibition since her first in 1990.
The 95th Nika Exhibition runs from September 1 – 13 at the National Art Center in Roppongi, Tokyo. (MomoEdgewood's Mediawatch)

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