Sunday, September 5, 2010

Arashi to the rescue for JAL

Japan Airlines, which is currently undergoing reconstruction due to its financial troubles, is looking to boost its business with Arashi's help. The airline has commissioned a single "Arashi Jet," which is basically a Boeing 777 whose fuselage is decorated with a 5-meter-tall, 20-meter-wide seal bearing the images of Arashi's members, along with the title of their latest album, "Boku no Miteiru Fuukei."

The plane will take its first flight on Sunday at 1:30pm, flying from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Osaka. The plane is expected to be primarily used for domestic flights, serving the routes between Haneda and three other airports: New Chitose Airport in Sapporo, Itami Airport in Osaka, and Fukuoka Airport in Fukuoka.

JAL plans to use the plane until January 2011.

In addition to the Arashi Jet, JAL will be selling the "Boku no Miteiru Fuukei" album (with a specially designed cover) in-flight on several of its domestic routes. (Tokyograph)

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