Saturday, September 4, 2010

Highlight of this picture post: Mizushima Hiro in his student days!

KAT-TUN arriving in Taiwan. Highlights of this video: 1. A fan holding a Tamamori Yuta uchiwa?!, 2. Kame picking up a uchiwa that a fan dropped and throwing it back to her (0:43), and 3. A fan waving a turtle toy around! This video makes me feel like screaming along with the other fans so so much. And Maru looks like a teenage boy who just happened to follow KAT-TUN off the plane~ How adorkable!

Akanishi Jin with his younger brother, Akanishi Fuuta. The younger bro's name used to be Akanishi Reio, but he changed it Akanishi Fuuta.

Jin with Kusano Hironori (some ex-member of NEWS who is no longer with JE)

Sakurai Sho's sister, Sakurai Mai.

Mizushima Hiro from his school days! His real name is Saito Tomohiro, hence the different kanji. Like the site which I got it from said, finding leaked photos of Hiro is a treasure. I'm glad about that, though!

Kitagawa Keiko as a student.

She seems to have gotten a tattoo, though.

Aiba Masaki as a kiddy.

The Akanishi brothers - choko44; Jin w Akira Hironori - choko44; Sakurai Mai - Auragazou; Mizushima Hiro student - Auragazou; Kitagawa Keiko student - Auragazou; Kitagawa Keiko tattoo - Auragzou; Aiba Masaki child - choko44

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