Saturday, August 21, 2010

Which male celebrity wold you like watch fireworks with?

A survey of 400 female on "Summer Love" was conducted by Japan cosmetic brand "LC LOVE" the other day. In the survey, one question asked was "Which male celebrity do you want to watch fireworks with?".

Mukai Osamu got first place with a wide lead over the others. The reason was mostly becasue "He looks both intelligent and tender." The 2nd place was Arashi, the group has a strong image of unity. However, Aiba Masaki, a member of Arashi won the 3rd place, while Matsumoto Jun was tied for 7th place with Oguri Shun.
The top 10 below:

1 Mukai Osamu
2 Arashi
3 Aiba Masaki
4 Sato Takeru
5 Kamiji Yusuke
6 Koike Teppei
7 Matsumoto Jun
7 Oguri Shun
10 Ikuta Toma
(Music Japan+)

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