Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aragaki Yui gives her impression of Arashi

Aragaki Yui made an appearance on the “VIP ROOM” segment of Arashi’s variety show, “Himitsu no Arashi-chan“, on the 19th of August. On that particular segment of the show, the guests always gives their impression of the Arashi members at the start of the corner.
Yui’s impression of the members was:
Sakurai Sho is terrified of heights.
Aiba Masaki takes the brunt of the teasing from other members.
Matsumoto Jun was called tsundere (describes a person who is initially cold, and even hostile, towards another person before gradually showing their warm side).
Ninomiya Kazunari thinks he’s cool.
Ohno Satoshi appears to be easy to forget, but he’s not.
Next, Yui had to pick her “favorite Arashi”, and she choose Ohno Satoshi, who seems to be the popular man of the group with all the female celebrities. (tokyohive)

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