Saturday, August 21, 2010

600 000 yen for an Arashi concert ticket?!

Ticket brokers have been buying and reselling Arashi concert tickets online on unofficial "ticket distribution centres" at ridiculous prices. For example, for thei concert at the National Stadium on July 21, a ticket that was originally priced at 7 000 yen was sold for 600 000 yen, more than 85 times the original price! (Entame)


  1. where do these people get that kind of money to waste on one ticket?!?!? want their job!

  2. @Anonymous
    Haha, sounds nice, isn't it, too spend all that money on an Arashi ticket. I think I'd rather buy lots of concert goods and posters and put them up all over my room. :DD

    I just read in the news (yesterday?) about this Japanese woman who went to every single concert of kpop band CN Blue when they were touring in Japan. She gave them all the ticket stubs as a present. *_*

  3. OMG!!! don't these people have bills or did they rob a bank?!?

    I was reading how some fangirls plan to "FLY" tpo USA for all of Akanishi's concerts. I was thinking...."WTH?!?!?" I rather use the money to see one concert and buy the dvd so I can watch it over and over again lol. :) (hmm ..but does that really mean he is successful in USA because fangirls are flying in??)

    BTW...hope Arashi do a concert or "Live" in USA like X-Japan and Akanishi.


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