Sunday, August 8, 2010

Johnny's Entertainment's best tsundere?

Results of a goo survey on Johnny's boys in their 20s who have a strong tsundere* image. The survey was held for a week from 13th July to 20th July this year, with a grand total of  38 308 votes cast.

1. Akanishi Jin - 9479 votes
2. Matsumoto Jun - 8854 votes (I just had to add his picture!)
3. Ninomiya Kazunari - 5519 votes
4.Yamashita Tomohisa - 5236 votes
5. Kamenashi Kazuya - 2919 votes
6. Tanaka Koki - 1654 votes
7. Tegoshi Yuya - 1573 votes
8. Ueda Tatsuya - 842 votes (Ueda's picture too, though he doesn't look quite as cute as usual. I'm glad he made it into the list!)

*Tsundere is a term referring to people who are normally cold in personality but become overly fawning when they are around their love interest. (aramatheydidnt, goo)

First erson I thought of when I saw the title was Jun! I thought he'd top the list, especially with his new dorama where he's playing a tsundere. I hate love Bakanishi, but I don't really know what he's doing there, along with Tegoshi! My faves in this list: Matsujun, Kame and Ueda! <3

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  1. oh akanishi number one!!
    well..he is so tsundere ^_^


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