Sunday, August 8, 2010

I know my blog's been dead (boring)

Hi all, I really can't find anything news-worthy to post today. (>.<) My preliminary exams will be starting next week, so I might not update so often. I usually post news about the Japanese actors/singers I know, and I won't post every single article of news on them, so the numbers of posts will decrease if I can't find anything interesting on them, hope you understand!

I've added a countdown timer at the sidebar to motivate myself to stop surfing the internet and study more, please bear with it! This blog will most probably be not as updated until after my state exams which are from 25th October to 15th November. But after my exams, I want to learn Japanese and then I can translate and write better articles, plus read all those fan magazines! :DD And I can watch Japanese dramas without relying so much on the subs. Teehee.

Maybe I sound like I'm crazy over my grades and my life is centered on getting straight As, but I'm quite sure that's how it works here.

From the ongoing poll, I can see that there are some who dislike my personal posts. Stick with it for a while! I just need somewhere for me to rant, and you can always skip them. As usual, emails and comments are welcome. Recently, I've been getting a lot of "advertisments" on my tagboard. Please refrain from doing so, especially when what you're advertising has nothing to do with Japanese entertainment/ anything in my blog! Oh, please ask me questions through Formspring~ My formspring account has been so dead...

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