Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aoi Yuu cheated on Okada Junichi, leading to their breakup

Apparently, the reason for Okada Junichi of V6 (29) and actress Aoi Yuu (24) breaking up is Aoi's cheating, reports Nikkan Sports.

Earlier this month, Nikkan Sports had reported that Aoi and Omori Nao(38) were dating, after catching the couple on a group date in a restaurant in Tokyo in late July.

However, Aoi had only broken up with Okada in April this year, the paper reports.

A Nikkan Sports source had said that Aoi and previously been caught having a dinner date with Omori in January this year, and this was one of the reasons why she and Okada had broken up.

Also, it had been reported in June that Okada has a new girlfriend that has been seeing him from around mid-May. (MomoEdgewood's Mediawatch)

Uh, just a personal opinion, but lookswise, why would she choose Omori Nao over Okada?

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