Thursday, June 10, 2010

Okada Junichi's girlfriend has a key to his house

Okada Junichi (29) of V6, who broke up with his co-star from "Tiger & Dragon" Aoi Yu (24) this year, seems to have gotten himself a new girlfriend who is 23 years old.

At around midnight somewhere in mid-May, Okada Junichi met up with a woman in a car outside his luxury condo. The woman was said to be wearing black and white and very beautiful, resembling Uchiyama Rina. Okada entered the car, and the two drove to some stores. Only Okada got out of the car when they stopped by the stores, with the woman staying in the car. Josei Seven, the magazine behind, this report, said that it was impossible for them to get a two-shot because of this. (haha I bet they're pretty upset!) Later, Okada entered the car again and the car drove off to Okada's luxury condo.

The next day, about 10hours later, Okada left his apartment alone. And a few hours later, the 23 year old woman appeared with a newsboy cap slung low to hide her face, which had make-up. She was walking 2poodles that belong to Okada.

A few days later, the two met up again, but this time the car was parked further away from Okada's apartment. The woman is said to be from Fukuoka and has a key to his house. She takes care of the dogs when Okada is away.

Apparently, Okada had rcently remodelled his apartment, with the construction costs coming up to 50 million yen. For those who are interested, Josei Seven has pictures of Okada entering the car, the woman walking the poodles, Okada going out alone, but no two-shot! (Entame)

Good luck to Okada-kun! Hahaha for some reason I think I like this woman.

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