Thursday, June 10, 2010

SMAP secretly filmed for a drama special

The five members of SMAP will appear together in a television drama for the first time in approximately six years. The drama is a special titled "Doku Tomato Satsujin Jiken," said to be the industry's first "candid-camera drama" - much of it was filmed during taping for a variety show without SMAP's knowledge.

The variety show involved was the now-annual TV Asahi special "SMAP Ganbarimasu!" On the show, the five members took on various challenges: Masahiro Nakai (37) played a survival "onigokko" game on a remote island for 12 hours, Takuya Kimura (37) ate only tomatoes for three days, Goro Inagaki (36) sang at karaoke until he achieved a score of 100, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (35) climbed all of the hills in the Meguro ward within 24 hours, and Shingo Katori (33) lived a Jomon period lifestyle for an entire day.

During the taping for the show, which aired on January 10, scenes for the drama were secretly filmed. Actor Sei Hiraizumi (66), playing a police detective, visited each of the SMAP members' locations without them noticing.  (Tokyograph)

"Doku Tomato Satsujin Jiken" revolves around a fictional variety show called "SMAP Sekai no Yasai wo Kurau." The show's host, announcer Yoko Oshita (40), dies in her own home after eating a poisoned tomato, which came from the set of the show. The detective played by Hiraizumi takes on the case, searching for the SMAP member responsible for the crime. While the drama is a mystery, it naturally incorporates elements of comedy as well.

TV Asahi plans to broadcast the drama on July 1 at 7:57pm

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