Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Was announcement of second series of JIN pushed forward because of Ayase Haruka and Osawa Takao's relationship being exposed?!

Last week, FRIDAY magazine caught Ayase Haruka (25) and Osawa Takao (42) together at Osawa's apartment. There has been much speculation about their relationship for a while now. The two were co-stars in the much-loved series JIN, but both their agencies strongly deny any intimate relationship between the two. And just recently, TBS announced that there would be a sequel for JIN, to be released in April 2011.

Now, however, more rumors are surfacing, and it seems that TBS had intentionally leaked out information on the release of the JIN sequel in order to give the impression that Ayase and Osawa share a "friendly co-stars" relationship, rather than anything closer. It is rather surprising that TBS made the announcement so early, since the sequel is almost a year away. Also, it seems that TBS did not expect JIN to be such a hit, and did not make any plans for a sequel until recently. So, why hastily announce a sequel so soon when they have just got everything confirmed? To let viewers think that Ayase and Osawa are meeting up, perhaps to discuss on the project rather than anything more scandalous, that's the most obvious reason.

Moving on, it seems that FRIDAY really went to great lengths to get a photo of Ayase Haruka and Osawa Takao together! A FRIDAY reporter says that to get the photo, they had to do "two to three monthes of continued surveillance" and at one time, had "more than 16 surveillance vehicles" around the apartment. (scary!) Honestly, I thought the entire idea of rushing the announcement was quite weird, but it's mentioned in the article that this has happened before, so... (Entame)

Haha, FRIDAY seems to be so great at exposing all these relationships! Mmmm... Makes me feel like buying a copy from Kinokuniya tomorrow! But it's really freaky though, imagine your apartment being surrounded by cars with reporters trying to get a photo of you and your date together... -.-//

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