Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Akanishi Jin "protects" senior Masahiko, admits that he's a playboy

We all know that Akanishi Jin (25) is quite the playboy, but it seems that he himself agrees with that statement too!

On 7 March this year, he attended a "Tati Nobu Motorsport Supporters Club" in Tokyo. The club was founded by his senior from Johnny's Entertainment, Kondo Masahiko (45). Apparently after the official press conference, a few reporters stayed behind to get to talk to Jin and Masahiko more, and they asked Masahiko about whether he is a playboy. (or smth along those lines, I'm not very clear about this part) Anyway, Jin, who often appears in the paparazzi for his supposedly "bad behaviour" like partying in clubs, stepped up to "defend" Masahiko, telling the reporters that, "It's okay, I'm worse." (Entame)

Oh well, what can I say... It's good of Jin to defend his senior, and at least he knows his bad points! (Hahaha I think I like Jin more now. =.=)

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  1. This is too funny. He knows he is a player lol.


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