Thursday, June 10, 2010

Okada Masaki and Kitagawa Keiko at press conference for "Matataki"

On May 9th, a press conference was held for the movie "Matataki", which is starring Kitakawa Keiko and Okada Masaki. Both of them taking part in the press conference. While Kitagawa described the appeal of the movie by saying "I'm devoting myself to the true love I learned about through the movie 'Matataki'", Okada pledged to overcome his fear of bugs by stating, "I will not be afraid of bugs anymore."
The movie is about the sad love story of two lovers involved in a tragic accident. On the topic of giving yourself up to save the one you love, Okada said "Unless you have been in that position, you probably can't really know, however, I would want to protect the person I love." At the same instant: "I really hate bugs..." Very no link-ish, no?!
When asked how he would react if there was a caterpillar on the shoulder of his girlfriend, he replied "I'd try not to be scared and just tell her."
On the other hand, Kitagawa said: "I'd get rid of the caterpillar without my lover noticing it." And to show how she'd do it, she touched Okada's shoulder, which had him cry out "You scared me!", which made it apparent, how Okada's pledge came to be from his real fear of bugs. What about removing it for her, Masaki-kun?! (Music Japan+)

At first when I saw this article I was thinking... Okada Junichi? Then I realised that Okada Masaki was the actor who acted as Sekime in Hana Kimi! Hahaha I really liked him in Hana Kimi though he appeared for like 3minutes in the entire series... Hana Kimi's just bursting with hot/cute/pretty guys!

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