Friday, June 11, 2010

Aoi Yuu unhappy with her role in "Flowers" movie

The movie "Flowers" starring Aoi Yuu (24), Suzuki Kyoka (42), Takeuchi Yuko (30), Tanaka Rena (30), Nakama Yukie (30) and Hirosue Ryoko (29) from the "Tsubaki" commercials will finally open this weekend, but unfortunately there isn't only sunshine for the flowers behind the scene.

Back in early May, the beauties and the production team met in Tokyo to announce the completion of the movie at a PR event, but one of them was missing: Aoi Yuu. The official statement said that she couldn't attend it due to her poor health, but the tabloid "Tokyo Sports" has now got wind that this might have not been the real reason behind her absence.

"It's said that Aoi is dissatisfied with the movie," a movie company insider told the tabloid. "Aoi always reads a script and then decides whether she will accept the role or not herself. However, this time it's a tie-in with a commercial, so her agency accepted the role without even asking her."

She ended up playing that role, but she might have still had a grudge against that decision and thus she decided to boycott the PR event. It seems like the producers weren't all that happy about her abandoning her spot either. "Producer Mr. O went into a rage when he learned about her absence and said stuff like 'I can't believe this!'." The same insider continued.

And if that wasn't already enough, Nakama eventually had to cancel the 2nd event in the afternoon as well. "She couldn't be there in the afternoon due to her schedule, so the event had to be done with even less members of the main cast." Things even got worse for the staff when Hirosue complained about exhaustion just prior to the afternoon event.

The seems to be a certain lack of motivation among the cast of Flowers, but hopefully that didn't influence the overall quality and enjoyment factor of the final movie. Just a tie-in project the actresses had to do due to their commercial contracts or actually a really good movie? Find out when it opens in Japan this Saturday June 12, 2010. (Kawaii Joyuu)

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