Sunday, June 13, 2010

SMAP fans gather at cancelled concert venue

Today, about a dozen SMAP fans gathered at the Shanghai Expo, where SMAP was scheduled to perform today. As you might know, the concert was cancelled due to worries about crowd control after a few were injured following a rush during a Korean concert. The Expo Secretariat said that it had "no choice" but to cancel the concert.
Anyway, the fans, who were a mix of Chinese and Japanese, had met throught the Internet, with some coming from as far as Hubei and Sichuan. The fans were familiar with Japanese culture and some even spoke fluent Japanese. Shortly after 1:00pm, when SMAP had been scheduled to perform, the fans sang Yozora no Mukou, a hit song by SMAP. The fans also chatted with each other and took photos. (nikkansports)

Sigh... I feel so sorry for these fans!

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