Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chinese remake for popular dramas

The hit 1991 drama series "101st Marriage Proposal" is getting a remake as a movie in China. The film will be a joint production with Fuji TV, though the cast and staff will be Chinese.
"101st Marriage Proposal" was a love story starring Takeda Tetsuya (61) and Asano Atsuko (49). Takeda played a man who goes through 99 unsuccessful omiai (arranged meetings intended to lead to marriage), while Asano played the beautiful cellist whom he meets on his 100th omiai. The series peaked with ratings of 36.7% for its final episode.
For the movie remake, Eva Jin ("Sophie's Revenge") will direct. The cast has not yet been announced, but a tentative release date has been set for February 14, 2011, in China.
In addition to the "101st Marriage Proposal" remake, Fuji TV announced that the 1993 series "Hitotsu Yane no Shita" (starring Yosuke Eguchi) is being remade as a Chinese drama series for summer 2011.

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