Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kaibatsu-kun special to be aired end June

The NTV drama series "Kaibutsu-kun" (starring Ohno Satoshi of Arashi) ended its run on Saturday, but the network has already announced that the show will return for a special program later this month.
The 90-minute special is titled "Mou Kaette Kita Yo! Kaibutsu-kun Subete Shinsaku SP." Unlike many special episodes for other drama series, NTV promises that the entire program is a new work rather than simply compiling highlights from the original series. The show also advertises the appearance of long-awaited guests and at least one surprise guest.
"Mou Kaette Kita Yo! Kaibutsu-kun Subete Shinsaku SP" will air on June 26 at 9:00pm. (Tokyograph)

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