Saturday, June 12, 2010

New record for Arashi: over 100 000 copies of Saigo no Yakusoku DVD sold!

Came across this article on this blog while surfing around, amazing!

126,000 copies of Fuji TV's "Saigo no Yakusoku", a New Year drama special starring all 5 members of popular group Arashi were sold within its first week of release, achieving first place in the comprehensive DVD sales for the week of 14 June. Not only it is the first time a drama-related product has broken through the 100,000 copies mark in its first week, it is also the highest first week sales ever recorded in the history of drama DVDs.
This product has sold almost three times as much as the previous first week sales record for drama DVDs of 41,000 copies, held by "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (First Season) Vol. 1" (released in January 2009). The current accumulative sales record of 75,000 copies for domestic drama DVDs by "ROOKIES Omote BOX" (released in July of 2008) was also surpassed in just one week.

With the addition of this record to their concert DVD, "ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5x10" (released in April), also recording the highest first week sales in the history of music DVD releases with 470,000 copies sold (accumulative sales at 682,000 copies), Arashi has become double first week sales champions in both the "music DVD category" and "drama DVD category". These results have once again shown us their tremendous popularity.

Arashi's awesomeness at setting new records never fails to amaze me!

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