Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nino in car accident - woman injured. Arashi announces album and tour.

Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari (26) caused an accident while driving on Friday afternoon when he hit a 36-year-old woman on a bicycle The woman suffered minor injuries.
At about half past noon on Friday, Nino was driving in Tokyo's Meguro ward. As he approached an intersection with no traffic lights, a woman riding a bicycle came from the side, and Ninomiya's car bumped the side of her bicycle. Although Ninomiya himself was unharmed, the woman suffered an injury in her left leg that will take about a week to fully heal.

Johnny's Entertainment stated that Ninomiya had the day off, though he was driving on his way to a work-related meeting.

Police are currently investigating the matter. Meanwhile, Johnny's has reminded its other artists to drive carefully. Because of this accident and Matsumoto Jun's accident in February, the agency has decided to prohibit all five Arashi members from driving until the end of this year. (seriously?!) This is the first time that the company has enforced a driving ban for all members of a specific group.

The same day, Arashi revealed that they will release a new album and launch a tour later this year. The album will be the first in over two years. Titled "Boku no Miteiru Fuukei," the album is scheduled for an August 4 release. It will at least include their four latest singles, ten new songs, and five solo songs.

In addition to the album, Arashi will go on tour from August 21 until January of next year. Like their tour last year, they plan to perform at the National Stadium and the five major Domes. During that tour, they became the first artist to play three consecutive days at the National Stadium. This time, their shows at the stadium won't be consecutive, but they will be the first to hold 4 concerts there in the same tour.

Tour schedule

21- 22 August: Kokuritsu
3 - 4 September: Kokuritsu
29,30,31 October: Osaka Dome
13 - 14 November: Sapporo Dome
19,20,21 November: Tokyo Dome
4 - 5 December: Nagoya Dome
15 - 16 January (2011): Fukuoka

I think Nino ever mentioned that he got his driving licence without telling his family because his family is prone to car accidents and they said he shouldn't get it? I hope there isn't a big fuss about this. :/

Nino's car accident case sent to prosecutor's office


  1. Japan your management company can force you not to drive your own car even when you did nothing wrong?! They really control these guys! It must suck for the other 3 members who haven't gotten into an accident.

  2. It's sad to hear that a woman got injured from the accident. Every driver should know that they are not responsible only for their cars when they are on the road. They should know that they are also responsible for everyone that they are sharing the road with.


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