Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goto Maki returns to showbiz after mother's death

Since her mother's death in January this year, Goto Maki has been taking a break from any entertainment and singing related activities. However, she has now taken up work again with a mini live performance. 200 cheering fans greeted her, when she presented her song "Houseki" from her mini album "ONE" passionately.

"Because you have always come to see me. I would like to start over and quickly improve myself, as I want to continue singing", Goto pledged to her mother in heaven, tears spilling from her eyes.
Bowing her head repeatedly, she said "I received warm support from you since my mother's death in January, and that is the thing that has me standing in this place". Then, she announced the release of her new album to her eagerly waiting fans. "I think that mother is also telling me to 'give your best'. After all, she really liked live performances.", Gomaki added with a wholehearted laugh.
The new album is dedicated to her mother and also contains the ballad "hanauta". "At first I was really worried, but I decided to do it eventually", the singer added, looking confident. "Now is the time to look ahead, so please look out for me in the future", she asked her fans. (Music Japan+)

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