Friday, June 4, 2010

Ayase Haruka still visiting Osawa's aparment regularly

Remember my previous post on Ayase Haruka and Takao Osawa's relationship here? Ayase Haruka still seems to be visiting Osawa's apartment!

The latest celebrity romance rumor is between actor Osawa Takao (42) and actress Ayase Haruka (25). Apparently Ayase got photographed how she tried to sneak into Osawa's apartment some day in mid-May. The combi-van she gets to ride from her agency stopped at the rear entrance of his apartment and Ayase quickly went inside the building. No more details are known yet since it's still early morning in Japan

The magazine reports that Ayase visited Osawa's apartment multiple times last month, even when Osawa was not there. Sources say that she was driven there by staff from her agency, who apparently kept watch to prevent Ayase from being seen. FRIDAY speculates that the two are partially living together.

Osawa and Ayase first worked together in the 2008 movie "ICHI." They then appeared in the popular drama series "JIN" last year.

Ayase's agency says that Osawa is an actor she respects greatly and that there is nothing more to their relationship. Osawa's agency stated that the two get along well as co-actors, but denied that they are dating. (Tokyograph, Kawaii Joyuu)

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