Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nakashima Mika has a new boyfriend

It is reported that Nakashima Mika (27) is now in a relationship with Tanaka Yoshito (36), a musician.
Tanaka has participated in the recording as the guitarist with popular groups such as Arashi and Funky Monkey Babys, as well as working actively as a producer with famous artists as Chemistry and Nakashima of course. He collaborated with Nakashima on her tour in 2007 and 2009.
According to the report, after shopping outside, Nakashima and her mother met Tanaka at night and went back home together, as they are living in the same building. It is also said that Nakashima and Tanaka have been spotted having dinner together with Nakashima's mother, and now wearing the pair rings on the finger.
"It's her private affair so it's all up to her. We have no comment." commented by the management company of Nakashima.
Nakashima, who is known by her hit songs such as "Yuki no Hana" and "GLAMOROUS SKY" and wonderful performance in the movie "Nana", used to be in a relationship with the actor Nagase Masatoshi in 2004 and almost got married. But they broke up in 2008 as reported. Her new love is certainly gaining attention. (Music Japan+)

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