Thursday, June 24, 2010

Japanese outfit post (and lots of my complaining)

Finally, I'm able to post pictures without my internet shutting down on me! Anyway, I'm here to complain about the way Singaporeans dress... Again! Or to moan about how well some Japanese dress, depending on how you look at it. Okay, I'm not really one to talk, since I've been spending the past few days in oversized shirts or tank tops and sleeping shorts. =.= I did think of starting an "outfit post" kind of thing a while back, but it was rather tricky since I only have my phone camera and had to take them myself.

One thing I really don't get about some Singaporeans - many others all over the world too - is why they choose to wear short shorts/ miniskirts when they aren't exactly... In shape. I mean, it's okay if you're just big-boned and all, but I've seen some people with really flabby thighs, cellulite and all, wearing really short shorts and miniskirts. And when I talk about short shorts I mean those hot shorts which have these really revealing sort of cutting. There was once, I saw this really broad woman strutting around town wearing this absymally short denim skirt, and I honestly have no idea if she realised this, but her butt was so big that you could actually her butt (I don't know why I saw her butt - was she wearing a g string?). People were staring at her and then quickly looking away.

Okay, so you don't exactly have the most flattering figure but you want to wear all these short shorts and skirts. Why not wear thights/leggings? I used to think it'd be very hot and sweaty and troublesome with the humidity in Singapore and all, but it's actually really okay. Plus, you feel much more comfortable because you don't have to bother so much about sitting down and getting up properly. No, scratch that, that was just my own weird perception!

This shoes and socks combo. I wish I lived in a cold country where I didn't have to wear hideous white shoes that cover up my entire foot. I love the shades of brown. I love the lace around the socks. I love the simplicity of the entire thing. I can imagine myself wandering around aimlessly in these before school, after school, or when I'm supposed to be in school.

 And these nails, I'm not really that in love with them, but they're pretty cute.
And for those girls that don't realy like lacy, pink stuff, I thought this was pretty cool.
As for the rest of the pictures, I like them too, particularly the girl with a grey cap. It's one outfit that most Singaporean girls would be comfortable with. Oh, and one more thing, I've been wearing my boots a lot recently, and it's really fine (yeah except that I wore put the heel quite a bit). It's not uncomfortable or hot at all! And they look so much better than those silly Doc Marts. All photos from

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