Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yamapi at Toshiba press conference~

NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa held a press conference endorsing Toshiba’s new notebook for their 25th year anniversary on June 21st. He promoted the new “dynabook” notebook saying,"This notebook is thin and easy to carry around, so it’s really useful for busy people."
Yamashita also said in regards to Toshiba, “Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. Toshiba always has the motivation to challenge the world, and I really want to follow that by keeping my motivation like them.”
When Yamashita was asked what his next challenge is, he answered, “I started learning boxing because of my new movie Tommorow’s Joe, and I also want to keep challenging myself by making impossible things possible.”
Tomohisa stars in the CM of this new “dynabook” notebook, and it will air starting June 23rd. (tokyohive)

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