Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What is your opinion of Akanishi flying to Japan every Thursday to party, then flying back to USA on Saturday? week 1: came back for a birthday party. week 2: came back for his brother's play. Thing he is regretting going to LA?
Honestly, I think it's pretty troublesome and all, having to take 2 10-hour flights a week! But maybe he likes it? I guess if he's the sort that can sleep on planes then it shouldn't be such a hassle, plus it's likely that he gets to take first class unlike most of us, so it won't be so uncomfortable. I think it kind of suits him, since my opinion of him is one that doesn't form very deep "attachments" and all.

Haha, almost all the formspring questions I get seem to be on Jin! Are there really that many Akanishi fans out there?!?!

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