Tuesday, June 8, 2010

JIN sequel in 2011!

TBS surprised everyone with the dorama "JIN" last fall and its amazing ratings. Many people speculated that we would get a sequel and today it was made official, JIN will return next year in April!

Osawa Takao (42) about the sequel, "I hold the firm belief that this is going to be a lot of fun. The decision to make a sequel was the best decision in my entire career as an actor!" Actress Ayase Haruka (25) will return in the sequel as well. Recently a tabloid spread the rumor that the two of them might be in a relationship, but both of their agencies immediately denied this rumor. Of course they didn't kill the rumor and now that they are going to work together again, there sure will be more reporters trying to reveal what's going on behind the scenes (or not).

Ayase about the sequel, "I could totally feel the huge support for the dorama. So many people asked me whether there will be a sequel. I'm so happy that I will finally be able to reply to all of them!" About her role as Saki she said, "She's a kind and a strong woman, a character that I admire a lot. I will continue to play her role to the best of my abilities!"

Of course most of the cast from the first season are also going to be on board for the sequel, including Nakatani Miki (34) and Uchino Masaaki (41). Nakatani, "I'd like to put a lot of effort into the roles of Nokaze and Miki again!" Uchino's play as Ryoma was one of the many highlights in the dorama. "I can't wait to face the world of JIN and Ryoma again!" He said.

It will be difficult to mess up this dorama. JIN was amazing and everyone is very motivated to film a sequel. The biggest problem will be to survive the wait until April next year. (Kawaii Joyuu)

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