Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Conflict between Masahiro Nakai and the other members of SMAP?

There has been talk of a widening rift between the members of popular band SMAP. The disagreement seems to be majorly between leader Nakai Masahiro (37) and the rest of the band. Apparently, the bandmates had never really been the "best of friends", but the situation is now worsening. It seems that well-known Kimura Takuya (37), has the most issues with Masahiro, and the rest of the band sides with KimuTaku.

Masahiro's words are now frequently ignored by his bandmates. A Fuji TV staff has said that while Masahiro generally accepts that KimuTaku will not listen to him, the other three members of SMAP have started ignoring Masahiro too, and he thought Nakai would "give up completely on the other three bandmates".

On SMAPxSMAP, SMAP's variety show, ot has been observed that while Nakai Masahiro is very talkative when it comes to the guests, he talks much less when it comes to his fellow bandmates.

It seems that Nakai is letting this isolation get to him and is losing his determination to work hard as a result. A staff at Fuji TV was quoted as saying that he feels sorry for Nakai. (Entame)

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