Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shimane no Bengoshi and how I have no movie partner

I rewatched Shimane no bengoshi over the weekend! The story doesn't really have a plot and there is no real "conclusion", but it's a real tearjerker at some parts and anyway I love anthing with both Nakama Yukie and Kagawa Teruyuki in it! I didn't ralise it was a manga until this time, though, when they advertised for it in the end. Haha, all my favourite shows come from mangas!

I want to watch My Rainy Days as it's one of the few Japanese movies that receive good ratings by Singaporean reviewers, but there's no one who'll want to watch with me! See the review by TODAY newspaper here. Everyone wants to watch stuff like Diary of A Wimpy Kid or When in Rome. Oh, actually I want to watch them too!

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