Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Akanishi Jin and BoA get close

It seems like Akanishi Jin (25), the only KAT-TUN member not to join the band on its world tour, was getting up close with Korean superstar BoA (23) in a nightclub just two weeks ago on March 23rd.

Akanishi Jin, who was wearing a black coat, had been in the VIP section of a popular nightclub with Japanese pop star Crystal Kay, who was wearing a grey jacket. They were deep in conversation.

After 2AM, Korean superstar BoA was spotted next to him. She was wearing sexy clothes and had revealed thae tattoo that she has on her back (see below). BoA and Akanishi Jin were drinking cocktails and tequila respectively. Suddenly, Jin pulled BoA close to him in an embrace, but apparently they did not kiss. The three of them, Jin, BoA and Crystal Kay have been close friends for a while now.

Meanwhile, KAT-TUN has announced that it will release a new song without Akanishi. (Entame)

Grr my translation isn't good enough to understand almost half the article and Google is not helping! One of the reasons why although I like Jin's looks, I don't really like his character. :(

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  1. ... yeah. Just because tabloids say he's a douche, it doesn't mean he it


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