Saturday, January 15, 2011

Akanishi working on US album

Akanishi Jin (26) kicked off his Japan tour on Friday with the first of three concerts at the Saitama Super Arena. On the same day, it was revealed at a press conference that he is releasing a solo single in Japan this March, and he plans to release his debut U.S. album this summer. 

Akanishi's single "Eternal," scheduled for March 2, will be his first release since signing a global contract with Warner Music Japan. The single's B-side will be his song "Murasaki." 

Currently, the singer is working on his debut U.S. album. He is reportedly aiming to release it on July 4, which is his birthday and is Independence Day in the United States. It is said that he is mainly self-producing the album, but he plans to get participation from some big-name artists in the American R&B and hip-hop scene. It is also said that Akanishi may release a single in the U.S. before the album. 

Akanishi was in the U.S. from January 2 to January 10 of this year to do some production on the album. 

Currently, his artist name is expected to remain as "Jin Akanishi," but there is a possibility that it may be modified for the American market. 

There are plans for a U.S. tour after the album's release, followed by a tour in various Asian countries. (Tokyograph)

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