Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Staff from Ueda's solo concert suffered from food poisoning, two hospitalised

I saw this article a few days back but decided not to translate it then, because I felt that it was quite a minor bit of news. But now I feel like sharing it with everyone, since you're probably interested in anything there is to know about KAT-TUN! >_<

Ueda Tatsuya (26) of KAT-TUN has been plagued by bad luck recently. On August 27, he broke his toe during KAT-TUN's concert. Still, he perservered and came back for their second concert the next day. His actions touched fans greatly. He then went on to perform his solo concert in Hiroshima on August 29.

However, it seems that there was an outbreak of food poisoning amongst the staff who were preparing for the concert. Over 10 staff were said to be affected, with 17 in their late 10s and early 20s reporting symptoms such as abdominal pain and vomiting. Two of the staff were hospitalised. Since all of them ate similar catered food, the food poisoning outbreak is probably from that meal.

Ueda himself was not affected by this incident. Apparently, another food poisoning case had occured at the same venue in 2007, with over 40 people being admitted to hospital. (Entame)

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