Monday, September 6, 2010

Kame under threat from yarakashi again?

On August 31, Akanashi Jin's name was removed from KAT-TUN's member listing on Johnny's official website and listed separately as a solo artist. Fans all over the world were upset about it, but it seems that some annoying fans (read yarakashi) are getting all furious about it (again!) and have started maliciously harassing someone pretty much unconnected with the matter: Kamenashi Kazuya, the other half of Akame. Again!

East Sports reported that there fans online are plotting to bring lasers into the concerts and shine them in Kame's eyes. (This can cause blindness)

This comes just after KAT-TUN had sucessfully wrapped up their world tour in Taiwan. The only hiccup was that Ueda Tatsuya injured himself.

This is the fault of no one but these twisted fans, as Akanishi Jin himself had ever, at a concert ages ago when he was still with KAT-TUN, tell the yarakashi to stop harassing Kame. (Azashi)

I really don't understand what these people are trying to achieve by hurting Kame. It's not like he told Akanishi to leave KAT-TUN or anything. If they are looking for someone to blame, it could be Kitagawa Johnny, but even he doesn't deserve this sort of treatment~ And for ceying out loud, it's Akanishi's dream to suceed overseas as a solo artist!


  1. This is my opinion so don't brick :)

    I think all the hate Kame is getting is mainly from people who have read comments from Jin's friends twitter & blogs. Jin's friend Josh even said KAT-TUN without Jin will be no fun on his twitter and blogs (comments since been deleted). Those comments make it seem that someone force Jin out of KAT-TUN. Since there are still people who remember Jin's comment that he'll be back performing with KAT-TUN, he leaving seemed forced.

    They have to blame bad that someone is Kame. They blame him when Jin went to LA because there were reports/comments from Jin's friends that Kame was the REAL reason he wanted a break away from KAT-TUN.

    Kame is now the focus of KAT-TUN even Johnny said it with the comment that he will be the KA of KAT-TUN. That comment made a lot of Jin's fan upset. Like Kame force Jin out and took over the A. The comments Kame made when he was first asked about Jin's going solo didn't help him. Its seem he was glad Jin is out of the group.

    Jin not making a comment about everything plus his not even being seen or commenting about KAT-TUN feel strange to a lot of his fans. It doesn't "feel" like a friendly solo departure.

    I really don't think this will get any better. If Jin fail yarakashi in his bid for fame in the USA the yarakashi will be worst. The same goes for yarakashi who hate Jin is KAT-TUN slowly become less popular.

    I hope Jin make it in America but his style of music is limited to clubs. I hope he is also thinking about his long time growth. I noticed the most popular of his songs are "Care" and "Eternal". One song took forever to be release and the other may never be since he is into everything English at this moment. He has talent for those slow songs with meaning. The new ones are great to dance to but something you'll be listening in 10 years.

    sorry my comment is so long
    m( )m

  2. Wow, that comment was long! But it's perfectly fine since I enjoy reading comments (more to read, haha).

    I agree that it definitely didn't feel like a very friendly departure when Jin left KAT-TUN. Still, I don't see why Jin's friends should be putting up dumbass comments about KAT-TUN not being fun when Jin is (probably) the one that looked forward to his leaving KAT-TUN the most. Anyway, those comments were probably deleted when they were told (by Jin or Johnny) to take them down.

    Maybe some fans are mad at Kame. Even if I can somehow comprehend their crazy way of thinking, they shouldn't try to hurt Kame.

    Jin might make a small success in the US, but he will never become a big star. The US already has their own rappers, singers, actors, movies etc.

    Fans can choose to give up their fandom, support KAT-TUN or Jin, or support both of them. Trying to destroy one group is really stupid.

  3. I know what you mean -.-
    even if I wasn't that mm informed about all the trouble and hating fans...I got to knew part of the story thanks to the commu I am in. And I have read some comments against Jin, when he left to L.A. this time. I think it's unfair, because like you is his dream! And yeah D:! he hasn't said anything about KT (well I haven't read anything about them in his twitter) But to blame someone of KT...mostly to blame Kame! that IS unfair and somehow...crazy...I mean, I know he got de A, but it made sense xD his name is the first and meanwhile starts witk K the second letter is A xDD soooo! But I am sad because of that too -.- and a little angry at what they said that Jin's friend said (I didn't know that till now) how could he??
    But well, I think KAT-TUN is doing very well (fans should let yarakashi to hurt kame!or anyone of KT >.<! but no war! D:! that's bad!)and Jin's music...I like it...for dance and that...but I do love Murasaki, Care, Eternal and Helpless night xD!

  4. Sorry made a little mistake!!! XDD
    *fans should NOT let yarakashi hurt kame! or abyone of KT! but no war!!!


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