Sunday, September 12, 2010

Otsuka Ai pregnant, due to give birth in April 2011

On Saturday, singer Otsuka Ai (28) held a live performance in Yokohama, her first concert since announcing her marriage to RIP SLYME rapper SU (36) in June. During the concert's encore, right before her final song, she revealed to her fans that she is currently pregnant and is expected to give birth in spring of next year.
Otsuka said that she learned she was pregnant this summer. Newspapers are reporting that she is now in her third month, with a due date in April.
She stated that after her concert on the following day, she will likely not do any more live performances until after the baby is born. However, she plans to keep doing her other work as much as possible, including television and radio appearances. She will also continue with her musical activities even after the childbirth. (Tokyograph)

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