Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kimura Takuya kicks guest, enraging some. Kitagawa Keiko injured, filming of Paradise Kiss postponed.

Yesterday, the latest episode of long-running variety show "SMAP X SMAP" was aired. Kimura Takuya, when ended up kicking a comedian who made fun of him for the poor ratings of his drama that was aired earlier this year.

Kimura Takuya has starred in numerous Japanese dramas, the most recent being the previous season's Monday 9PM drama, "Moon Lovers". Despite all the hype surrounding the drama, its ratings were mediocre. There were many complaints about the weak plot

During last night's episode of "SMAP X SMAP", the guest was a comedian named Ariyoshi Hiroiki, who is well-known for being sharp-tongued. He was inventing new names for the SMAP members, and decided to call Kimura Takuya a "getsu9 idiot" (I'm thinking that he said "getsu kyu baka"). After he said it, Kimura glared at him for a while, asked for the filming to be cut, then proceeded to kick Ariyoshi's back. Later, Ariyoshi Hiroiki once again called Kimura a "dorama idiot". Kimura brought Ariyoshi off the set and messed up his hair.

Many netizens have expressed their views on this matter. Some feel that this was already arranged between Kimura and Ariyoshi before the filming, while others are upset that Kimura kicked Ariyoshi when it was just in good fun.

Kitagawa Keiko injured
Kitagawa Keiko, the main star of upcoming movie "Paradise Kiss" suffered a minor injury during filming. Apparently, her fingernail had gotten caught in a jade chain. Although she has said that she is fine, the accident left an obvious scar on her finger. Since it is hard to conceal the scar, filming has been postponed. (Yule)


  1. Yeah, this article was definitely written just to stir sh*t up. If you watch the episode, at no point did the comedian, Ariyoshi Hiroiki, say anything about Tsuki no Koibito or its ratings. The article is even wrong in its description of how the scene played out. It was plainly obvious that the whole thing was set up as a joke since it is known that Kimura's "S" personality can even tame the most "S" comedians (watch some of his interactions with Okamura Takashi as an example).

    Just goes to prove you can't trust gossip articles, much less gossip articles from Chinese sources.

  2. First of all, thanks for setting me straight on the name of the comedian!

    Sometimes I don't really trust the gossip articles but I just translate them because it's interesting~ I know some fans are probably going to hate me or something but I'll probably continue translating such articles. It's not like I'm inventing the news out of nowhere. Also, I've been translating more Chinese news recently due to lack of time/laziness. :p


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