Wednesday, September 15, 2010

did you delete your blog? I just went to read it and I can't find the link
No, I didn't! It's still Maybe you left out the "blogspot"? This is one way in which having a Formspring is useful! :)

what do you think about all the fake twitter & facebook accounts made using JE members name?
I don't like it. It's somewhat equivalent to a scam if fans find the account and follow them. But those that I've come across so far are mostly fake, since they are mostly in English or romanji! If people really want to use a JE members name for their own personal account, they should add a "disclaimer" at their profile~

There are rumors that Kamenashi Kazuya is daiting Song Eun Ae is this true?
I did a quick google on Song Eun Ae (I don't even know who she is!) and "song eun ae kamenashi kazuya" popped out. But I couldn't find any articles that actually seemed reliable, or photos. Plus this rumor seems like its two years old, which is before I started getting interested in Japanese entertainment. They might have dated for a while some time back, but I don't think they are together now.

I love your blog!! I'm a lurker but I do comment sometimes lol. I'm a Jin Akanishi fan and your blog is one that has the most posting in one place of his "gossips" lol. It nice when you include the pictures too. There are so many Japanese, Chinese & Thai

Thank you! :D I decided to respond to your comment since it was always in my inbox. This is a 3 month old feedback.

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