Sunday, September 19, 2010

The grand story of Maotsujun ♥ and their love for matching clothes

Maotsujun fans, get ready to love me for this! I'd much rather have Shinkumi though... HAHA.

Our beloved Matsumoto Jun in his own clothes. Seriously, if he chooses to dress like this, I'd rather the JE stylists pick an outfit for him. Is this what Yamapi meant when he said that Jun was "really fashionable"? XD

But take comfort in the fact that leading lady of HYD, Inoue Mao, is wearing the same boots! Jun was just wearing this alien outfit to proclaim his love~
And this time Jun isn't ruining it like in the first photo. It actually looks quite nice, doesn't it? (I really like it on Jun in the second photo)

This couple also likes their checked shirts...

They're wearing the same belt here, if you didn't get too distracted by Jun's topless bod! I KNOW YOU DID. Because it took me a really long time to realise it too.

... And they all lived happily ever after.

Sources: Jun by himself - Janimoe; all others - Janimoe


  1. i wish they were really together IRL but mao seems to be rumored dating a member from a band, don't really remember the name of the band though

  2. @Ser
    Nah, I don't think they're together at all. This post was just for fun, though I think the boots are quite a weird coincidence~ It's interesting that there are people who bother to compile these photos (okay I probably would if I were a Maotsujun fan). I'm not a fan of Inoue Mao, so I don't know much about her. Oops, I just made enemies with 90% of Jun's fans! :X

  3. I like the sweater in the first picture. It would look a lot better with black thin pant.

  4. @andwewonder

    There are a lot of coincidence.Thats really funny. examp: necklaces bracelets clothing.... Please research before. I think they are really together. btw about rumor
    She denied immediately the rumors but mao and jun did not deny the rumors between themselves.

  5. I put the photo of Mao & Jun with the boots together... lol, but i really did.


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