Monday, September 20, 2010

Did Ayase Haruka go for plastic surgery?

It kind of looks like she just grew up really nicely, she was quite pretty as a child. (The hairstyle's a bit distracting though)


  1. Asian "double eylids" often occur naturally as children reach puberty and adulthood because the fat volume diminishes. The photographs shown here clearly sow even one eye with a double eyelid as a child and there is no indication of any "plastic surgery". In Japan and South Korea, double eylelids can be created with "gyaru" eyelid makeup, a string that is pressed againmst the single eyelid to create a "double". Surgery for double eyelids is so commonplace in these countries that they are hardly considered "plastic surgery", the way we would an obvious big shnozz reduction.

  2. agree with previous comment.. most of the double eyelid on Japanese artist is temporary after makeup, even though some will go after permanent surgery mostly in Korea.. in japan they won't talk if they have undergo plastic surgery, but for Korean most of them didn't deny if they have undergo any plastic surgery.

  3. she definitely had double eyelid surgery. even though the methods for creating double eyelids from the previous comments are a possibility, it will rarely form a permanent double eyelid and would not create a very strong crease.
    hey, its a popular thing that asian celebrities do not only in japan or in south korea whether if some countries are open or are not open about it. i mean, A LOT of actresses from all over the world undergo plastic/cosmetic surgery since, unfortunately, the physical appearances of these celebrities weigh out personality in most cases. this is especially because the public can only usually see celebrities when they are acting in movies, tv shows, etc.
    but this wont stop me from supporting her as an actress.

  4. It is hard to tell if Haruka Ayase-san did but I doubt it. Even if she did, the results are great! To me, she is the best actress in Japan and I am not taking her looks in consideration. Off-screen, her bubbly personality and girl-next-door demeanor gives her an edge over the rest of the actors and actresses in Japan. I only wish I would have met her when I was in Japan.

    I also wish she would try to get some parts in some US movies. She would have been an awesome in Wolverine as (Yuriko?).


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