Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ueda Tatsuya injured during KAT-TUN concert in Taipei

On Friday, KAT-TUN's Ueda Tatsuya (26) was injured during their concert at the Taipei Arena. He dislocated his left big toe and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance, but the other members successfully finished off the performance. In addition, it was learned that same day that the group has big concert plans for next year.

Ueda's injury occurred near the end of the concert. After finishing his solo of "RABBIT OR WOLF," he jumped down from a 3-meter-tall stage, but failed to land on target. He was able to make it backstage on his own, where he collapsed. He was transported to a nearby hospital by an ambulance on standby.

Bandmate Kamenashi Kazuya (24) promised the 13,000 fans that Ueda will be back for Saturday's (today's!) concert. Johnny's Entertainment has also said that since Ueda wants to perform today, he will do so, even though his injury might affect his performance. It has already been confirmed that Ueda returned to the group's lodging after he received medical treatment at the hospital. Johnny's Entertainment has also stated that he will perform a solo concert in Hiroshima on Sunday as planned.

Next year marks the 5th anniversary of KAT-TUN's CD debut. To celebrate, they are currently in the planning stages of two concert tours. One will take place between spring and summer and consist of five shows within Japan. Instead of typical venues such as domes, they are reportedly aiming to perform at industrial complexes.

The second tour is scheduled for fall 2011, and it will be an overseas tour taking them to Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China, and Hawaii. (Tokyograph)
Ugh, poor Uepi! It sounds so painful... But hopefully it's not anything too serious!

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  1. WOW wouldn't it suck for Jin if KAT-TUN hit it big in America while he is sitting back home in Japan! Damn, he should had waited one more year to leave KAT-TUN.


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