Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rejoice! Mizushima Hiro's short hair is back!!!

Notice how hot Hiro looks now?
Another private showing for the upcoming movie, “BECK“, was held in Tokyo on the 28th, and the cast of the film all showed up.
As many of you already know, the movie is originally a popular manga, and it’s the story about a rock band named “BECK”. Members of the band are Mizushima Hiro (Guitar), Sato Takeru (Vocals and Guitar), Kiritani Kenta (Vocals), Nakamura Aoi (Drums), and Mukai Osamu (Bass).

Mizushima Hiro appears in the movie with long hair, and he confessed that he was told by his friend’s kid, “Hiro-kun, you don’t look good with that hair.” He also said, “I was hurt because kids are very honest…but let me tell you it was a wig!”
“BECK” will be released very soon on September 4th! (tokyohive)

I am so glad he has his regular hair back! It's the return of the drop-dead gorgeous Mizushima Hiro~ I think I really hate BECK for destroying Mizushima Hiro's good looks these past few months. The trailer and all actually annoy me.

Hooray for short hair! ♥


  1. During the movie, he said he was wearing a long wig
    so im sure he always had short hair..

  2. Yah, I noticed that comment, but I'm quite confused if he's joking or not. I considered that it might have been some sort of "Japanese joke", that it was lost in translation or something. Because he seems to have that hideous hair on for all the promos and stuff and I was so annoyed!

    Whatever it is, I'm glad he doesn't have to don that stupid hairstyle anymore! HE LOOKS EVEN BETTER NOW♥


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