Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photo post: KAT-TUN/Akanishi special!

Ooh, a surprise kiss for Koki!

KAT-TUN in Taiwan, wearing their own clothes. MARU'S SHIRT LOL!

Akanishi Jin being alone during some interview event for KAT-TUN. :/

Nishikido Ryo and Akanishi Jin out at night.

Sources: Tanka Koki's kiss - Janimoe; KAT-TUN in Taiwan - choko44; Jin and KAT-TUN - Janimoe; Ryo and Jin - Janimoe

Just a minor announcement: In the future, all posts like this and other posts with a lot of photos will have the label 'pictorial'. This way, it'll be easier for those who are more interested in seeing pictures. The label 'Japan' will also be removed, I feel that it's kind of unnecessary and just adds to the long list of labels in each post. For some stupid reason, I really can't bear to remove it, so posts will just stay with the label 'Japan' for now.

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