Thursday, August 12, 2010

Picture flash: Ohmiya♥, Nakamaru, Tegoshi Yuya...

I enjoyed surfing around for last night's picture post so much, I decided to make another one!

Yamada Ryosuke from Hey! Say! JUMP talking to a girl in school... Or at least that's what the source says. (janimoe)
Is Akanishi Jin interested in men too? I doubt so. =.= (Azashi)
Tegoshi Yuya. (janimoe)
Some brotherly love between Ninomiya Kazunari and Ohno Satoshi~ (janimoe)
Nakamaru Yuichi, the shy yet sexy beatboxer who always goes Dutch! (choko44) If he went out with me, I think I'd be willing to foot the entire bill. ^.^


  1. LMAO
    That's not Jin

  2. I'd believe the gay pic if it said Kame has gotten out of the closet... But Jin?! This makes me LOL so hard!!! /wipes tears


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