Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nakamaru embarrassed about everyone knowing that he goes Dutch

KAT-TUN member, Nakamaru Yuichi, has received the dishonorable image of being the “Dutch guy.”
This topic was discussed during the live concert “KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2010 PART2:WORLD BIG TOUR” at Tokyo Dome on the 17th. Members were talking about “who pays for the food when you go out to eat with other member”, and Ueda Tatsuya said that Yuichi definitely goes Dutch. The utterance surprised other members, but Yuichi was complaining.
This is the conversation between the members:
Nakamaru Yuichi: Please stop! It is going to spread all over the internet, especailly nowadays through blogs.
Kamenashi Kazuya: Probably if you search “Nakamaru Yuichi” on the internet, “Nakamaru Yuichi, Dutch” will come out right away.
Tanaka Koki: And you will see “Did you mean ‘Nakamaru Yuichi, Dutch” on the top.
Unfortunatly, Yuichi’s worry became true. When you search “Nakamaru Yuichi” on the Yahoo! JAPAN, the first thing you see is “Nakamaru Yuichi, Dutch” now. (tokyohive)

This conversation between the members really made me laugh in front of my computer screen! Especially Koki's comment HAHAHA. Nakamaru is so cute... Tried to do the search but couldn't find the Dutch comment!

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