Monday, August 23, 2010

Oda Yuji in drama sequel of "Amalfi: Megami no Hoshu"

Actor Oda Yuji (42), who just got married last week, will be reprising his role in a sequel to last year's hit movie "Amalfi: Megami no Hoshu". However, this time it will be turned into a television series, rather than another film.
The drama is tentatively titled "Kaikoukan Kuroda Kosaku." As the name indicates, the show will focus on the diplomat Kosaku Kuroda, Oda's character in "Amalfi." After the success of the movie, sources say that Oda strongly wanted to play the character in a television series. While the movie told the story of a single kidnapping, the drama will take on a much bigger scale, with Kuroda becoming involved in various situations such as international terrorism and domestic crimes. Right now the script is in development, though details will have to wait until Oda returns from his honeymoon overseas.
Fuji TV will broadcast the drama. It is planning to start the series in January in the Thursday 10:00pm time slot, though filming will begin as early as mid-September. (Tokyograph)

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