Monday, August 23, 2010

New getsu9 jdorama confirmed, no title yet

It's Monday and another rumored fall drama has finally been confirmed, but they are still deciding on suitable a title.

Actor Takenouchi Yutaka (39) will return to Fuji TV's prestigious Monday 9pm timeslot after more than 9 years since "Dekichatta Kekkon" in 2001. He is going to play a desperate man who ends up in a contract marriage with a woman working in the sex industry who seems to be just as desperate as him played by Ueto Aya (24). What starts out as a mere contract marriage eventually turns into a true and pure love.

Takenouchi plays Kengo, a man who enjoys spending his time at the aquarium. He seems to be a pretty ordinary person, but he actually has a huge secret that he would protect even if it means to sacrifice everything else in his life. Out of interest he ends up in a contract marriage with a prostitute called Risa who tried to commit suicide. Soon they develop real feelings for each other, but harsh reality turns out to be a rather high obstacle for the couple.
The producers are confident that they've found the perfect actor for this difficult role. "We wanted to portray a story about deep and genuine love and Takenouchi was the best choice that came to mind for such a difficult role. He will be great playing that man troubled by false love that suddenly turns into true love," the producer said with high expectations.

Ueto is going to play the female lead and it will be her first time working together with Takenouchi. In the past she already played a woman who would act as the lover of man in return for money, but it's the first time she's actually portraying the role of a prostitute. Her role, Risa, ends up selling her body in order to repay a huge debt of her older brother. Her only way out seems to be death as displayed via various remarks such as, "I just want to dissolve like a jellyfish."

In September they will start the filming and Takenouchi can't wait to meet the team. "I'm looking forward to meet Ueto as well as the rest of the cast and the whole staff. I'd like to work hard with everyone in the team in order to create something that will stay in your memories forever," Takenouchi made clear that he is aiming for one of those masterpiece dramas that have become rare in Fuji TV's main drama slot.
Ueto promised to work hard as well, "Risa is a young woman hungry for love who ends up rediscovering the importance of being alive thanks to a relationship that started out as a mere contract marriage. I'd like to try my best conveying the development of that love."
Young actor Matsuda Shota (24) will also appear as a doctor while actress Kitano Kie (19) will play the protagonist's younger sister who is suffering from a serious disease.
The official title has yet to be announced. Filming will start in September while the first episode is planned to air in October. (Kawaii Joyuu)

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