Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yamada Yuu's 26th birthday wish is to be more composed

Today, actress Yamada Yuu turned 26 and celebrated her birthday at the set of her upcoming drama "Gakeppuchi no Eri".
Co-actor Koizumi Koutaro (31) and the others surprised her with a bunch of flowers and a cake. "I'm so happy I could cry! But I won't!" she joked around. "I'm now in the second half of my twenties and reaching up to my thirties. From now on I'd like to become more composed as a woman," she added.
"Gakeppuchi no Eri" actually marks Yamada's first starring role in a dorama and she couldn't hide her excitement when she received the present from Koizumi and the staff, "It's so great to make a drama." In the drama Yamada plays the young woman Eriko whose unique life is modeled after that of popular mangaka Saibara Rieko. "I hope I will be able to fully express all the characteristics of Eriko and all the nonsense in her life," she added with a great fighting spirit.
The nonsense can already be seen in the first episode with exploding cars, spicy drinks in a hostess club and a Yamada Yuu who couldn't care less about her image, much to the enjoyment of the viewers. TV Asahi will air the first episode on Friday, July 9. (Kawaii Joyuu)

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