Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nino (Arashi) and Nagasawa Masami STILL together?

Are Ninomiya Kazunari (27) of Arashi and Nagasawa Masami (23) together or are they not? There has been much speculation about this since the two have been reported to be dating from 2005, when they co-starred in Fuji TV's dorama "Yasashii Jikan". In 2007, the relationship was "discovered", and in 2009, Nino openly admitted to dating Nagasawa. The buzz eventually died down and it was even reported that Nagasawa was dating someone else, a comedian. However, rumors are back again.

Neighbours of Nagasawa have reported seeing Nino at Nagasawa's apartment a few times this year. The resident of the apartment one floor above Nagasawa's unit reports seeing Nino quite often since March 2010. A staff of the convenience store near Nagasawa's also said that when Nagasawa comes in, she is often chatting on the phone to someone in a caring and gentle tone (like how you would to your boyfriend/girlfriend).

Apparently, the spread of this rumor is something of a catostrophe for entertainment professionals like Nino, especially since Johnny's Entertainment doesn't encourage it's members to date. Nino, who is currently doing three doramas and a movie, Gantz, is risking his popularity. It is commonly felt that while the two meeting up for meals outside is okay amongst "friends", it is too much for Nino to go to Nagasawa's house. However, there is no two-shot of them, so this could be, of course, all rumors. (Entame)

Seriously, these Japanese tabloids seem able to squeeze something out of everyone!

I got the tip-off about this source from a reader on Formspring:
hi i would really like to know the contents of an article on nino but i don't understand jap. If u are able to translate it will be a great help =D

Okay, I've posted the article on my blog, do take a look! Oh, and thanks for the info source! ^^

So, if you guys know something that I don't or have asource that you don't understand, please comment, email me at the address up there, leave a tag or formspring me! Even if you don't have anything to tell me, just say hi! I'll be very happy. ^.^ And trust me, I won't delete your email! And I'm going to make it a point to reply to as many comments as possible, though I might not reply to all.

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