Friday, July 30, 2010

Taguchi Junno leaves Akanishi Jin out

KAT-TUN member, Taguchi Junnosuke, upset some fans during their live concert at the Tokyo Dome on July 25th.

At the beginning, when the members were talking about co-starring with other members in dramas, Kamenashi Kazuya asked Taguchi if he had ever co-stared with any KAT-TUN members in a drama, and Taguchi answered that he has never done it. However, Taguchi did co-star with Akanishi Jin in “Yukan Club” in 2007.

Perhaps the KAT-TUN members made it a point to not mention Jin during the concert on purpose, or where instructed not to mention anything about Jin?

Regardless, after the concert, some fans complained on the Internet about the comment Taguchi made, stating that it represented a mistreatment of Jin because Taguchi referred to Jin as if he was never a member of KAT-TUN. (tokyohive)

I doubt he could have forgotten that he acted with Jin, but I hope he was instructed not to do so or did not want to bring attention to Jin, rather than him leaving Jin out for any other reasons~


  1. That is sad. I hope he was instructed to do so. If he did that on his own I feel sad for Jin. I know Jin wanted to do the USA shows but to be forgotten by people you worked with for so long a time is sad. I understand how some fans maybe upset. It won't help KAT-TUN since there are some fans who feel that they kicked Jin out instead of waiting for him to return. The reaction from some fans may become a problem for them all.

  2. i really don't understand what the problem is.
    i think that things are being blown out of proportion. by the way aren't the members forbidden to talk about an ex-member that has left (some stupid JE rule)? maybe that's why taguchi said what he said. anyways, let's just get over it and move on. its kind of funny how some people take it so seriously as something like this...

  3. OMG..
    i didn't believe this.
    what really happened in kat-tun and JE.
    this is ridiculous...

  4. I feel that the question was partly a slip-up on Kame's part. :X JE is pretty tyrannical when it comes to all these issues, and I really don't understand why. It's not as if Jin or the rest of KAT-TUN did anything wrong or left the agency completely.

    They already announced that Jin is leaving KAT-TUN to focus on his solo career outside Japan, and they still treat it as such a sensitive issue. There's nothing shameful about it and there's ZERO reason for them to hide it.

    Definitely not Junno's fault. (my verdict)


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